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I don't necessarily know how much this electoral defeat has to do with Schroeder's policies on anti-Americanism. European parlaimentary politics are extraordinarily oblique, it looks to me like they're just an unpopular party to begin with.

If I had to guess from across the big pond, I would say that anti-Americanism is increasing on a structural basis, and might be irreversible at this point. It is at least hitting stride. The feel of it (and feel is all I have to go on, other than statistics) is that the German's are getting past the 30's, but are doing so under the aegis of a Left dominated EU transnational atmosphere, and thus have only one output for nationalism in the attack of the US. The Americans seem to represent the only real alternative "Them", for the forseeable future.

N. Klaric: I saw it, but I don't think it is a typical German phenomenon. It's embarassing, of course; it shows how direly the socialist structure of education in Germany must be transformed into a market approach, where every state (and even every school) has much more freedom. The fear from the first post-war years, that ideology (Nazism; as to anti-Americanism, I feel a more liberal school system would help those who strive to fight it as well) must be kept down, is certainly not justified anymore; now, we have to put more responsibility into the hands of teachers - and pupils too. Pupils can be motivated and interested if they fell that what they do is somehting of their own, not any fulfillment of overregutlated learning plan that has no touch with reality.

James: a good deal of European anti-Americanism has been planned as a long-term strategy by the Arab states, collaborating with europe; see here.

N. klaric,

think of the KMK (Kultus-minister-Konferenz) wihch has decided to only implement changes if they are unanimously accepted. This system adapts to the speed of the slowest state.

And yes, germans love titles... Dipl Dipl Dipl Ing hehe

If anti-Americanism is the irreversible wave of the future for Germany then I wish the young Germans would gain the courage of their convictions and boot us out of Germany. That would be a welcome clarification -- Machen Sie alles klar, bitte.

I see nothing but further strain ahead, over coming possession of Iranian and North Korean weapons. I don't think the Germans and French will be able to make a "third way" vs. Iran and at the same time count on U.S. help to bail them out of a jam. But if they genuinely believe we are the threat, then I'd welcome them expelling the American "Auslanders" (sorry no umlauts). That way everyone will know whom they can count on and whom they can't.

To go off topic slightly-

I went directly to the ZDF poll, which of course I could't read but I was able to decipher many of the graphics. On the FDP languishing around 6% not much more than the Party of Democratic Socialism, are the Liberals having a bad post election? Also in the barometer graphic showing likeability (presumably), Fischer is up there with a +1.8 but Westerwelle in actually lower than Schroeder at -0.7. What has happened post election to cause just a dive in his "rating"?

Per a recent survey, around 60% of Americans do not care what foreigners think of them. Anti-Americanism overseas is an exercise in self-gratification, which means no nation can influence American policy. Bitterness, created through lies concocted by the German government and press, will not budge an America that has a healthy attitude about what others think.

To N. Klaric:

I was one of those ordinary people among the 320 and sorry but sorry to tell you that if you believe without thinking what you see on TV than you have a problem. Obviously a lot went wrong. With 20 questions it is imposible to have an outcome of 53,8 % as the "best" was supposed to have. Likewise his state of wich he was supposed to be the best had an average of 66%. Can that be?
NEVER believe what you see on TV! Or at least not without using your own brain!

Anti-Americanism here in Germany and Europe can influence the arabic states and especially Iraq. Today I read on nationalreview.com an article from Steven Vincent: Occupational Hazards. He talks about an Iraqi woman who hates the US-occupation so much that she fantasizes about shooting a US-soldier. Where do such feelings come from? Ask Europe and the Arabian states. They all support it. That is the danger. That is a terrible "influence" on American politics if the US wants or not.

Anti-Americanism...an interesting term. Read Jean-Francois Revel's "Anti-Americanism" - a very interesting and insightful piece. To wit: European charges against the USA (imperialistic, greedy, ruthlessly competitive) stems from European weakness and envy, and are a neurotic response to explain Europe’s loss of status. French FM Hubert Vedrine called the US a “hyperpower” during the Clinton, not Bush Administration. The Euro right decries Europe’s loss of status and is anti-liberal. The Euro left is primarily a bunch of unreconstructed communists and socialists and are anti-liberal. US is always blamed, but financial aid and military support is always demanded. American “unilateralism” is because Europe has repeatedly failed to act at all in the cause of collective security. America’s sins of “globalization” are also unfounded - Revel argues that developing countries of the world want MORE, not less access to markets and investment, wheras the "defenders" of the developing countries are actually simply trying to appease their domestic socialist and union supporters. The bottom line is European “willful suspension of belief” is dangerous. His best example is when Pres. Bush came to office, he was criticized as being an “isolationist”, after 9/11, he becomes a “unilateral interventionist” - does anyone see the illogic in the arguement? Even worse, the Euro critics can't do basic math - 1 country = unilateral. 34 countries = multilateral. The NATO Secretary General just stated that Europe was "behind" (i.e. lagging) the US in dealing with terrorism and the Dutch PM just stated that Europe's economy is dangerously lagging behind the US. I think the skeptics and the critics really need to get a grip. I am concerned about the self-delusions of Europe and the like - I think some honest self-assessment is in order.

Schroeder can stew in his own (anti American) juices for all I care. However in all honesty the German electorate is going to have to have the political maturity to accept reforms and understand that all sectors of society will have to take a hit and eat some crow. The reforms Germany needs will only come by the consent of the governed, regardless of who is in power. Germany needs a Thatcherian candidate and the average German voter needs to bone up on gestalt(English meaning of the word, the stuff that makes ones beer worth drinking).

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