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Reuters may be carried by US news organizations, but it is a British company (founded by a German immigrant in 1851.)

Also note that the one Iraqi interviewed was named Hussein... say, do they have a picture?

Here's another international news organization, the Associated Press (I don't know who runs them) reporting on the same event:

"In a daring strike, anti-American forces unleashed a barrage of rockets Sunday against the Al Rasheed Hotel, a symbol of the U.S. presence, where visiting Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was staying."

"The attackers had boldly driven to the edge of a park just 500 yards southwest of the hotel..."

"Daring" and "bold": the tone sounds rather admiring.

N. Klaric,

Where is the url for this report about "Anschlag auf Kriegstreiber"? I could only find "Anschlag auf Kriegsplaner".

Thanks for your assistance.

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