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great post!


There's a great line in Spinal Tap: "Money talks, bullshit walks." This kind of political posturing is so transparent that it will be easy to see through. If Ms. W-Z's constituents can't see through it, there are some very significant forces that will. One of them is George Bush. He's not as dumb as Ms. W-Z thinks. He can do the math. He knows the difference between $193 million, and the $87 BILLION that the U.S. is giving, not loaning, for reconstruction efforts in Iraq.
The other significant force is the blogosphere. As long as bloggers continue to expose these politicians for the windbags that they are, there will be a revolution. Hey, it worked in California, and soon it may work in Iran, which would really be amazing.
Great, great post, Ray!


I feel that you have hit the nail on the head with this post. No one could have said it any better. I salute you! I agree with Erik Eisel, we need to keep the pressure on all of our politicians. If we have to expose them as windbags, then so be it.

Now is the time for all to stand together, for if we don't, the rest of the world is watching and there are those who will see this chink in our armor and take advantage of it. We have only this "one world".

Blog on, blog strong, we can make a difference!

N. Hale

Excellent post. Welcome to my blogroll, David and Ray.

Riyadh delenda est!

The anti-americanism here in Europe is getting really scary. Check out Lars von Trier's newest film "Dogville". The way he portrays the poverty in Depression-Era America during the film credits (to the tune of David Bowie's "Young American)" is sickening. Given the bloody massacre at the end of the film, you can actually get the impression that he's calling for mass killings of Americans. He certainly makes clear that his film is not about the human condition but about his own hatred for America. Thanks Gerhard Schröder and Jacques Chirac for making this all possible. We'll never forget that one of the few times we needed help, our two so-called friends basically told us to f**k off and then began banging the drums of anti-americanism ... and this since 2002, one year after 9-11. That's what I call leadership.
(PS, I don't even like Bush, but this is getting out of hand.)

That's interesting about Cannes. Apparently even the jury was offended by von Trier and did not give him a prize.

Schröder is selling all this as "emancipation": i.e. "Germany has been oppressed by the Americans for so long that it is time to stand up and burn one's BH (German for bra) and show them a thing or two." Problem is, the Americans downscaled their presence here long ago; they really don't have a lot to say. Just another red herring from the "redsocks". As Marc Fisher wrote in Slate in 2002: "... speaking of leaders who turned to foreign adventures to distract attention from domestic failures, Schröder looked up this summer to find his country in a financial mess ..."

A side note: Lars von Trier has never even been to America.

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