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Typical Spiegel! They are so obsessed with US-bashing that they ignore their own country's vast failings and particularly those of Schroeder. For example, Bush currently has something like a 50% approval rating while Schroeder's stands at 37%, yet Bush is the one made out to look like he is in big political trouble by the German media. That is exactly the type of bias that David so skillfully points out on this web-site. The amount of anti-US, anti-Bush bias is mind-numbing and unrelenting. I think most Americans would be shocked if they could read German and read the German news everyday.

There is no question that Bush's poll numbers are way down. The question is why. In the US, no one can agree on this, but there are three reasons. One is that Americans question the wisdom of going to Iraq. (And, please remember, there is an election campaign going on right now: President Bush is receiving a daily pounding by ten democratic candidates, eleven if you count Al Gore, twelve if you count, Hilary.) Second is that American presidents have four-year terms, and their numbers always suck in the third year. (Wanna guess what Clinton's numbers were in the third year of his first term?) Third is the economy. But, guess what? The economy is rebounding, the Dow is rising, and 57,000 new jobs were added last month. Sorry, Spiegel, but Dubya will be here another five years. Plus, with Arnold campaigning for him, Dr. Dean won't have a chance, neither will that General guy.

I agree! At least it's funny;)

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