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There was very little coverage of the Bush-Schroeder meeting in the U.S. I was personally interested, so I looked for some. Most telling was the photo opportunity. Bush uncomfortably shook Schroeder's hand. I don't know why this counts as "burying the hatchet." Bush won't forget Schroeder's betrayal. Plus, he has no incentive to make nice with Gerhard. Shouldn't the recent SPD loss in Bayern indicate that Gerhard is not the rising star in Germany? We may have someone new in Berlin soon. Finally, why should Bush be happy with Schroeder? What did Schroeder offer? $5 billion Euros and 25,000 Eurotroops for Iraq? No, he refused to help with reconstruction.
One final note: It is laughable for the German media to suggest that Germany will win a permanent seat on the Security Council. Not one American media source floated this idea as a possibility. There is no support for this cockamamy idea. The day this happens is the day the U.S. signs over its sovereignty on foreign policy issues to the U.N. Like we need another country to bribe with oil concessions before we get a UN resolution to depose a brutal dictator...

Leo Bauer, Initative Potsdamer Abkommen: Die Vereinten Nationen und der deutsche Weg - Anmerkungen zur Begegnung von Gerhard Schröder mit George W. Bush am 24.09.2003 - Redebeitrag von der Protestkundgebung gegen den Aufmarsch der antisemitischen Internationale in Berlin am 27.09.2003

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