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Every day, one can read heroic tales about the long, tedious and boring work of rebuilding a country in 120 degree heat. It takes time, and it is very expensive. How much did it cost to rebuild that ungrateful city, Hamburg, where Der Spiegel is published? The latest article, written by Colin Powell, mentions another one of the mass graves that has been memorialized. Another article, available at this link: http://globalspecops.com/view.html, was written by Judge Don Walters, an eyewitness account of the terrible shape that Iraq is in. Iraq is in terrible shape, not because of George Bush, Tony Blair, and Angela Merkel, but because of Saddam Hussein, and those who advocated non-agression against this mass murderer, Schroeder, Fischer, and the German media. The civilized world waited 12 years before liberating Iraq. We've got blood on our hands. Doesn't the German media see that? By the way, where do journalists learn to use words like "getrickst," etc.? Is that word supposed to convey a sort of detached, upper-class and ironic insouciance?

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