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I find your site indispensable, but I confess I gird myself before clicking. :- (
Do you pick out the worst, or are the news and opinions you cite truly typical? (And I find myself not wanting to believe the truth, like so many critics of MEMRI.)

What drives this all-but-invariable misrepresentation? What can be done about it? Aaargh!!

Well, I'm not David, but my impression is that this is the fairly regular pattern. As soon as you read something about Iraq, it ends up in US Bashing. At least in the longer articles. With short ones, you get the feeling "the tactic" is to either bring up only "bad news", or simplify the matter to a point where the reader ends up insufficiently informed. Thereby, "good news" are only such short reports, if at all. It's all about giving impressions to the reader. Big article = Big deal - short article = who cares?
You know, I used to read newspapers daily during breaks at work, but during this year and before I found them to be only a bad joke anymore. This was well before I discovered David's site. And before I've ever read a pro-US/Israel book like some of Henryk M. Broder's. Why I was not screwed by our media lays in two points I guess:

1. I did never buy into that "NO WAR! NEVER, NOWHERE, FOR WHATEVER!"
2. I noted the irrationality not only in that ideology, but also in the US bashing. One would think we learned from the irrationality of Anti-Semitism in our history, but no.

The US Bashing is done in a manner and on a regular basis you wonder if there is a state of war between the US and Germany. Especially because not only on the issue of Iraq you get anti-american articles, but you even find articles on inner US issues with the same agenda. Kinda "Look how stupid Bush is" "Look how the Democrats are fighting the evil Republicans" "Look how foolish the Americans are" "Look how the UN is in a struggle to keep the foolish Americans from blowing up the world". To me personally, it's just frightening. And ppl take it, they are that stupid and biased, cause they like to hear it. Works into the "Great, we are not the only ones who screwed up in our history big time" direction, you know.
So, this is one of the reasons, and the other one is the fact that leftist/socialist media is in the great majority here, and the US, the success model of capitalism second to none, is the natural enemy, especially when ruled by Republicans. Simple as that.

Greetings, and I wish I could have told you otherwise,
Alex N.

Unfortunately, I have to agree this bias is typical. I have seen worse examples; our regional newspaper (with over 750.000 readers) could on its own provide half the material for this blog.

But public TV and radio are the worst, for three reasons: first, they are supposed to be 'quality', second, they are very influential in Germany, and third, I have to pay for them with my license fee. Quite often, they are not even trying to look balanced and the language is pure propaganda. Some 'documentaries' I have seen - their technique would have made Goebbels proud, and I do not say that lightly. The terrifying thing is, no one seems to notice.

Werner, I do! But what can we do against it?

A fine piece of disinformation indeed.

I saw this article in the Welt and I was puzzled. Now I know why.

Et tu, Welt? I thought this was one of the few non-America-bashing German news outlets.

To the first poster, I would simply reinterate the views expressed in the follwing three comments. The level of blind, ignorant anti-Americanism here in Germany is truly disheartening.

By the way, David, congratulations on your big new numbers. I hope you're getting a lot of readers in Germany, where your insights are most needed.

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