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Thanks, David, for giving the American audience some background on the Rosenholz Files. The influence of the Stasi on the West German media and politics, and the existence of the Rosenholz files, finds its corollary in the unseemly influence of the KGB on American media and politics, and the declassification of the Venona Project in 1995, which uncovered the truth about American politicians and activists working as agents of Moscow during the 1950's and 1960's. For a wonderful, rollicking history of this American story, please see Ann Coulter's best-selling book, Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism. I don't know if it's been translated, or if it would find an audience in Germany.

Your comments are spot-on, David. I had the occasion to speak with a young German IT professional in Munich a few weeks ago and although this obvioulsy bright individual lived in Silicon Valley for some time, he had a very eurocentric view of the world. Socially conservative, he was neverthless an unabashed Francophile. He didn't say anything (probably out of politeness) when I asked him, "Didn't the Germans learn anything from Napoleon?" You are on my daily "must-read" list.

There is a recent decision, November 7th, 2003 only in Finnish:
from the Supreme Administrative Court that documents (probably part of Rosenholz documents about Finnish informants) received by the Finnish Secret Police are not public although Finland in principle is very liberal in publishing documents. So the documents are held secret 50 years.

This paper came into daylight as 2 persons on those lists were suspected very long even in the media and this information was released by the secret police. The media wanted to know all the other names on the list but these names are held secret. The biggest reason suspected is that the other are persons still active on day-to-day politics in Finland and they are this way protected.




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