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gutes Posting, aber irgendwie hat es die Formatierung verhauen, nutze IE6 und alles ist plötzlich kursiv...


The photo published in Die Zeit is a disgusting. What does this photo suggest? First, it suggests that Pres. Bush is culpable for the WTC tragedy by juxtaposing his likeness on a picture of the Twin Towers. This is absurd. The culpability lies with Islamofascist hijackers. Second, this photo is shows absolute disrespect towards Pres. Bush, by depicting him a doll or caricature. By depicting him as a caricature, Die Zeit is not being witty, but is engaging in crass propaganda. Isn't Die Zeit a high-brow daily in Germany? I challenge anyone to find a picture in an American newspaper showing similar disrespect towards Gerhard Schroeder or that suggests Schroeder is similarly responsible for unspeakable crimes.

Hi Erik Eisel. Indeed it's "crass propaganda". But the situation is that it's unfortunately not limited to only that particular newspaper. Besides the different Magazines, which often come up with questionable headlines on the cover (to boost sales in the first place, I guess), there are certain magazines in TV like "Monitor" or "Panorama" which are so Anti-American that you wonder if they are sponsered by Al-Jazeera ;). The problem however is that these are regarded as "investigative journalism" (anything Anti-American here is considered as investigative and valuable...).

And btw, I like your expression "Islamofascist". Because that's exactly the point. The US government repeatedly said it's not Islam per se which is the enemy. Amd it's true that certain governments in the middle east and all the terrorist groups (mostly called "activists" in German media...) are not some kind of oppressed people who fight for freedom - they are fascist indeed, who don't want to find ways to co-exist with the western world and Israel, but destroy it. If you look at the definition of fascism, islamist groups fit very well to it. They are nothing short of the Nazis in their ideology. But people here didn't understand this yet. They also live in a dream-world in another point: We have plenty of (read A LOT OF) pacifists here. People take the freedom, which we now have since more than half a century THANKS TO MILITARY ACTION by the Allies, as normal. They got so used to it that they are no longer aware of its great value and that it doesn't come for free. Instead - on inner policies, that is - you can often hear a lot of bitching and self-hating about our system, like "Well, democracy - this is not really a democracy, but a dictatorship limited to 4 years" and other crap. And addition with the media, they get the impression the only aggressor left in this world are now the US - but they don't realize that Israel (for whose support the US is highly hated in many parts of the Arab world) is fighting a war for its freedom since the European and (many! actually more than European iirc) Arab Jews went there to leave the oppression they suffered both in Europe AND Arab countries behind.

Alex N.

But actually, with this particular picture, the agenda was something else I think. I think what it wants to say is that 9/11 has happened and now the Americans are going crazy by running an aggressive foreign policy. By showing Bush as a toy, they probably want to suggest that the propaganda which is connected to this new policy has already reached a high value.

See my posting above - no wonder this view is popular with lots of pacifists in this country.

But besides that, the US are indeed blamed for 9/11 by some media here. Mostly by those who were socialist oriented, Anti-Israel, Anti-American and Anti-Globalisation long before.

Unsere Medien muß man nicht mehr gleichschalten.

Dear Alex:

The expression "Islamofascist" is not my expression. It is used widely in the American media, to differentiate between radical Islam, which foments a race-based, anti-Semitic, totalarian ideology, and moderate Islam, which many are counting on to defend Islam against its extreme elements. I like the expression, because it is accurate, and because it seeks to make a distinction between homocidal maniacs and regular people who want to make a better life for themselves.



While I can certainly understand that an American must feel insulted by a nationwide German newspaper publishing an illustration which obviously wants to deliver to well-known and worn stereotypes, it should also be noted that the illustration here is shown somewhat out of context: The original illustration on the frontpage of "Die Zeit" is accompanied by the headline "Der Zorn Amerikas", which means loosely "The Fury (Vengeance) of America" and deals with the growing suspicion among not only Europeans but Americans alike, that everything in present-day American politics seems to be justified through and excecuted on the backdrop of 9/11. See for example the Article of the New York Times' Paul Krugman published in "Spiegel Online" and aptly labelled "Exploiting the Atrocity" (http://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,265292,00.html) in which he also mentions such blunt propagandistic measures as the recent putting President Bush in a flying suit for a photo-op (on which, I presume, the "Zeit" illustration is but a pun)

I appreciate much sites like this one here since they form a long-overdue balance to the general anti-American slant in our German media landscape, but citing things out of context is usually something the other side does so well.


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