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Du schließt Deinen Beitrag mit folgendem Satz:
Und diese Meinung ist: Der Irak hat Massenvernichtungswaffen, und es dauert in einem riesigen Land eben einige Zeit, bis sie gefunden werden.

wurden die waffen denn zwischenzeitlich (3 Monate) gefunden? Oder wurde nicht viel eher die Suche eingestellt. So weit ich richtig informiert bin sollen ja auch schon weite Teile der eigens für die Suche nach den MVW eingerichteten Task-Force abgezogen worden sein.

Das ist Diskussion auf dem Niveau, die Erde sei eine Scheibe.

And you still can not admit that your gouvernment took the piss out of you??!? even if you wished it but there were no weapons of mass destructions


the idea to believe, that every question has to be or can be answered in 'real time' makes me wonder, why there are still historians at all?
At least as long as nobody claims, that media made them unnecessary.
And dont get me wrong: I still feel deeply uncomfortable with the question, if this war was/is justified? Its just a mess, that there was a world comunity threatening a dictator with serious consequences if he doesnt do this or that, and then felt apart on the question if it really meant whats been said. This may be common in the context of postmodern topois'; when it comes to international affairs and especially to the history of UN/Hussein, its a no go. At the bottom line there were just two scenarios possible: Or one thought there were no WMDs', but why we then wanted to have inspectors searching for them? Or one thought H. had such weapons, then one shouldnt have threatend H. in the way security council agreed on. Their is inconsistency in either way. By the way: if one wasnt shure about this questions (in my eyes the most accurate assumption), it remains still true that you either threaten and stick to your threat or, well, choose a different political/diplomatic approach right from the beginning.
The thing that outrageous me is, that the germans and french abused security council for 20th century-style nationalistic purposes, ignoring the enormous stakes at risk. To agree on the famous resolution on the one hand, and being convinced, that war is a no go, on the other hand, is gambling.


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