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"Best moment in sports: Germany comes from behind to beat Argentina in World Cup last summer."

Hehe, nice suck-up to the home team there, Jeffrey. Being partial to a different team, I kind of liked the only other World Cup game besides the final that resulted in a draw, and the only other goal scored, against Italy. Now *that* goal was one for the highlight reels (basically, the *only* one for their opponent's highlight reel -- but a great one, nonetheless).

"Horst Köhler delivers a major speech on the real obstacle to economic reform--envy."

So true. Even in the US, where the richest 5% pay something like 35% of all income taxes, there are still large numbers of folks who don't think the "rich" pay their "fair" share. Technically, of course, that's correct. -- just not in the way they intend. And, that's in a country where, culturally, it's not necessarily considered a bad thing to pursue and attain significant wealth.

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