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So if you put in port blocks, does that mean that you are not liable for the license because you cannot access the stations?

Just asking...

Note from Ray: A valid question. In Germany, you have to pay the mandatory broadcast fee for public tv stations, even if you have a tv set with access to public tv stations blocked.

A social welfare state knows no limits to both its ability and its need for taxation.

Just view this as another blow for socail justice.

"And there's even more good stuff to come - a 3 percent rise of the value added tax to 19 percent on January 1, 2007!"

Actually, it's a 3 percentage *point* increase -- a rise of 18.75%.

It says a lot about the state of affairs when supposedly a single publicly-funded TV station is capable of getting such an enormous new tax instituted. Talk about special interests. I guess the US doesn't have a monopoly on that, after all.

that has to be the most laughable bullshit Ive heard of in a while, take out gun shoot foot.
these clowns deserve everything they get..
I can't laugh too hard though because you know michigan will be the first to try doing it 'because thats how the europeans do it.."
good lookin out, go tigers

@TM Lutas: No that wouldn't work. The fee is a "Bereitstellungsgebühr". It has to be paid because a service is provided, not because the service is used.

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