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» Supporting Denmark and Freedom of Speech in Washington DC from Soldiers' Angels Germany
Photo from today's Support Denmark gathering in Washington DC, brainchild of Christopher Hitchens: [Read More]

» D.C. Denmark Rally Photos from Outside The Beltway | OTB
Better late than never, here are my photos from todays D.C. rally supporting Denmark and free speech. A crowd shot. Cute girl in wool hat tries to get people to chant Were all Danes now. Christopher Hitchens,... [Read More]

» Submit to Havarti! Hitchens and friends at Danish embassy from Alpaca Burger Forum
The solidarity event at the Embassy of Denmark in DC seems to have gone off extremely well, judging by the photos. Get the full story at Medienkritik. 'We are all Danes now.' There should be much more of this going... [Read More]

» Lego My Free Speech from Blue Star Chronicles
Where is the American media? Are there really just a handful that have the courage to practice what they preach? Is the blogsphere the only avenue of free speech still left in America? [Read More]

» In The Line Of Fire from All Things Beautiful
Michelle Malkin as usual doesn't miss a beat: "Today, the NYTimes editorial board pretends to show solidarity....Excuse me? Remind me what day...I really love her, she always tells it like it is, no punches spared there. [Read More]


Outstanding! It makes me wish that I lived on the east side, till I regain my equilibrium. I can, on the other hand, buy Danish (and have).

Don't Eat a Child! Be Danish!

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