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This will only come as a surprise to those who, as children, took their parents seriously when they said "do as I say, not as I do".

Oh yes, the wise elder France, teach me your ways.

Not that I disagree with the use of nukes in certain very extreme circumstances. But if an American president said he was "ready to use nuclear weapons against any state that carried out a terrorist attack against it." the uproar would be collosal. (that's from a reuter's story earlier in the day, don't know if that's in this one)

There's a heartwarming human interest angle to this story. In spite of the unpleasantness in Iraq, collaboration between the US and France in this intriquing scientific sphere has remained at a high level. Indeed, the glass for the 240 beam French Megajoule laser, which will be used mainly to conduct experiments in nuclear weapon physics and effects, will be manufactured in the US. When finished, the facility will be the biggest and most powerful in the world, even putting the 192 beam US National Ignition Facility (NIF) in the shade. A possible but not very likely byproduct: demonstration of fusion as a feasible energy source.

The whole point of terrorism is to disguise the terrorist. France probably not know who hit them. Another problem is that a third country could set off a small nuke but make it look like the second country did. France obviously is a rogue state in need of direction by the U.S.

Oh please.
If France were attacked, they'd blame it on the U.S. and/or Israel.

And then do nothing.

Because if they tried anything against either, 'wiped off the map' would garner a whole new meaning.

It's been almost a century since France possessed a pair or a spine and they've spent it in the posturing of the cuckold.

Without the permisson of the UN or EU? Oh my!

Gee, who lent the french a backbone?


Good mornining joe.
Gee, who lent the french a backbone?

No one. They've scavanged disarticulated vertabrae from the Ivory Coast and are calling it a backbone.

Good morning Pamela,

Hope you have nice weather for the weekend.

So that is where it came from.

What is interesting is how upset Berlin is with this comment.

Even the Green defense expert thinks this is risky.

I bet you did not know the Green's had such a person. All I could think of was a goalkeeper in soccer.

Maybe you have more information.

>>All I could think of was a goalkeeper in soccer.

Actually, these are the people who repair the tee holes on golf courses.

Green Defence Expert? I was more thinking a caddy or someone... you know, they go retrieve the balls if they land on the other side of Defence.

I wonder if this will lead to new riots from the muslims in France?

>> they go retrieve the balls if they land on the other side of Defence.

Ah. Good point. That must be how they got a pair.

You mean they all talk like they are from New Jersey.... aha!

@James W: Are you trying to imply Chirac might be forced to use nukes on the Paris suburbs?

If they nuked themselves, who would they surrender too?

They need to rethink this again.

Ohohoh Chirac you must have been sleeping since the Cuba crisis!

The rules of the game have changed with the liberation Iraq. You've yourself said that there were no weapons of mass destruction, so you'd be better advised not to threaten to use any...

Interesting series of posts above. Average IQ ...maybe 70 to 80 - mostly from people who think 'French' is generally associated only with 'letter'. Is this where all the chauvinistic US retards hang out?
Thought so! RAH RAH RAH!
Gosh! Are you guys defending the FREE world? We all should be very afraid...
Or not...

Is this where all the chauvinistic US retards hang out?

Nnnaaaa, they all hang out at places like the DNC, MoveOn.org, Hollywood, Europe, etc....

@James W: Are you trying to imply Chirac might be forced to use nukes on the Paris suburbs?

Well, I know in extremely desparate situations that it is not unheard of to call in artillary on your own position.

@ great(cough)sage: We fat, IQ challenged cowboys have always stood in awe of the cerebral sophistocation from Europa. You know, it took great learned men to start two inter-continental wars last century in lieu of great aristocratic minds, and following them, gave the West a defense umbrella against the Soviets as the black-clad middle class kids could go in coffee houses and quote their Sartre, Marx, Hegel and Marcuse and other post-modernist, anti-capitalist existential goo.

It demonstrates what great minds the Euro intellectual caste has that they have regarded as a whole Anglo-American liberalism as a bigger threat to their way of existence than Stalinist bolshevism; Israel as a bigger threat to world peace than the Islamofascists that they drool all over.

There is such a thing as those who think that they're so smart that they're Mongoloids, and this fits many of these self-annoited 'sages' to a tee.

You can know more languages than Charles Berlitz, discuss the categorial imperatives of Kant, quote Das Kapital verbatim and set a new tier for the MENSA exam, I'm certain, and good for you. All of this and you lack the #1 prerequisite for survival and that is common sense.

We fat, IQ challenged cowboys have always stood in awe of the cerebral sophistocation from Europa.

Hey watchit there buckaroo! I'm not fat...I can still close 2 of the 4 buttons from the fly of my dungarees.

Am not sure about defending the free world.

Surely euroland does not need this. What do they need to be defended from? Nothing or at least this is how they view the world.

Besides the eurolanders have the EUDF to protect them.

I think they should throw the occupying Americans out and disband NATO.

I kind of like greatsage's response. "You're stupid and fat. Not only that, you're a stupid American!" Pretty much sums up European attitudes these days.

Oh Eric!

greatsage has a valid point about American's being stupid.

Think how many of them view Germany and france as allies.

Enough said.

@joe - You are making a great point about transatlantic secession.

Castro & Chavez going Islamic in 5..4..3..2..1..

Joe, well ya, I said he was right, didn't I? He is, after all, a great sage. You make it sound like I was being sarcastic, or something. Oh by the way, did you know that Cuba is on the verge of implementing Sharia law? Well, maybe in Ahmadinejad's wet dreams. It could happen.

Why, in Chirac's comments, do I hear that dull witted Arkansas drawl promising that "those responsible would be hunted down and punished!"

. . . over and over and over!

He pretends to mean it . . . people pretend to believe it . . . now lets all get back to our kindergeld and six weeks vacation!


I think it's a great idea. American conservatives would start spending money in Paris again and let the French call us anything they wanted to.

And what a great out for us! If we respond to any nukes with our own, we'll just "prove" they came from France and pretend to be shocked.

Everybody wins. Including especially the surviving Iranians.


What if some mysterious super black op’s organization from some unnamed nation were to detonate a small nuclear device outside of Paris leaving behind a clear trial to Iran, do you think we might get a twofer?

@Oh Eric! - You guess how many such dreams the Mahdi has about a certain exterritorial site on Cuba.

In a way, the two extremes of Jaques Chirac and Daniel Cohn-Bendit frame France: The first issues threats of unclear seriousness, the latter calls for treating Iran and Israel one like another. Both extremes of France stick to the false paradigm that Iran was a merely regional not a global threat that could be dealt with either by a regional war or a regional peace conference, instead of the Security Council.

It is already happening: IRNA: Iran, Cuba, Venezuela review expanding mutual ties

Gee another axis Iran, Cuba Venezuela.

We have had the axis of evil

The axis of weasels.

Wonder axis they will become?

@joe - The historical "axis" metaphor for German-Japanese relations was an allusion to the fact that the two countries were the two main industrial centers in this hemisphere of the pre-oil world. In this war, it was significant only as an alert that the stakes are as high as in WWII, not as a practical description any more.

Venezuela already is an OPEC member, and Castro depends just as much on oil subsidies as the Palestinians. They are calling themselves "The South":

Cuba is confident that the developing countries, and others truly committed to the cause of human rights, will be able to continue playing a leading role in opposing the actions of those who try to turn the HRC into a sort of Court of the Inquisition against states from the South. To this end, Cuba will close ranks with the developing countries in the consolidation of a common position that rejects any attempt to apply an equally unfair and discriminatory treatment to other sisterly countries from the South.

Maybe they chose that name as an opposite to the Northatlantic treaty organization?

FranzisM: No, "It" is not already happening. A pronoun refers to an antecedent, in this case, Castro & Chavez going Islamic. What you cite is something different entirely. Serious, yes, but not unique and certainly not new news by any means. So your 'predictions' really don't merit the description. If you want to talk about how serious that situation is, you shouldn't engage in kooky conspiracy theories about leaders of countries that are >90% Catholic converting to Islam.

@Oh Eric! - My statement that certain events in the Carribean may become more probable as a result of the move proposed above by the poster I replied to is not a "prediction" but an assessment. How much ability the Catholic majority of these countries might actually have to prevent such events depends on the success of the project of "building a new world order based on just ethical and economic relationships" Benedict XVI. spoke about in his Christmas sermon, which again depends on the move proposed above by the poster I replied to.

As for the conspiracy theories reference, I do not care about the Kennedy assassination any more than about the Lincoln assassination. It were the lessons Kennedy had learned from the Cuba crisis that led to the Hotline and later the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is only sad that the wound of "Ich bin ein Berliner" has been bleeding for so long. Yet I think the stance that Germany should not have a nuclear arsenal has not changed since his time, and Rupert Scholz is a lone voice.


Are you forgetting a more recent axis of Paris-Berlin-Moscow?

It had a catchy name but I forgot what it was.

@joe - The name was Gerhard Schröder.

But this strategic relationship is better described as an energy dependency than as an axis or a confederacy. See also India-Iran. If I were a Gazprom advisor I would closely watch how India tackles its difficult choices.

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