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Uh, what a terrible picture of Carstensen. He looks like he would walk over to Simonis the next moment and bite her head off.

Here it comes...can't resist...SCHADENFREUDE!

Schadenfreude is right! It is time for the German people to resume their rightful place in history as a proud, confident people that have contributed so much to the world. How right that Schleswig-Holstein should play a part. It is not only close to Denmark and the Netherlands, both more oriented toward the Anglosphere than many Western Continentals, but it is where von Bismarck's project began.

For those who, like me, don't have any idea what the SSW is, here's a link for some background to make them less obscure.

It seems like they're a standard left-wing party of the scandinavian type, much more comfortable with the red-green way of doing things.

I wouldn't get too excited about the national elections in 2006 just yet as they are still over a year away, and a year is a long time in politics. Moreover, if worse comes to worse, Schroeder will pull out the old blame America card again, and he knows he can rely on the German media to help him play it. Still, it's always fun to watch a pack of Leftists squirm - like they are doing in Schleswig-Holstein right now.

So... who is the Zell Miller of the Schleswig-Holstein SPD? Will the mystery ever be solved? :)

Ray, I thought the media in general had labelled the speech as "too little, too late"?! Or am I mistaken and those voices were just the economists?

Anyway, it's not like the expectations had been high. People did not expect significant changes from the top-meeting today anyway.

Loool! Simonis often talked about "Frauenpower". Now she has her Women's Power. Politics is more than wearing a stupid looking hat and a daily 1 kg make-up in the face. Under her financial reign of terror Schleswig Holstein worsen constantly. They are shouting: "Who is the traitor" But that's democracy. People around the SPD party often has excuses for this and that. It begins with Gerhard Schröder who concentrates his strategy in foreign politics. Because he couldn't solve the inner problems of Germany. Then it is time to deflect from the own incompetent skills.

Well how will a government be formed? If she doesn't run her party can just put forth someone "electable" and win back that one vote.
I can't figure out how the Greens weild such power being such a small party in reality.

Marxism, the opiate of the Asses.

Eilmeldung on SPON. Simonis has stepped down.

I agree with beimami. When the chips are down, the lefties can always blame America. Link the opposition with Bush or "heartless American-style cowboy capitalism", and the SPD will be safe. It's worked in the past, and it will work in the future. Guaranteed.

Well let us hope that Gerhart and the spd can once again pull a victory out of his magic hat.

Surely his leadership is serving the German people.

Green disappears from the political landscape:


The red / green coaltion in Schleswig Holstein up in the north is now gone.
The last remaining red/ green coaltion in Nordrhein Westfalen in will be gone in May.

Surely it is the malefic Bush (or perhaps Rove) behind this appalling development?

The only answer is for the good Schroeder to again run directly against George Bush and ignore the puppet that the CDU nominates against him.

A possible campaign theme is to offer 15% unemployment - as a stage on the way to 20%....

This whole episode reminds me of how Germany was awarded the 2006 World Cup.

Everyone was convinced that South Africa would win the right to host the World Cup in 2006. Surprisingly Germany won because the delegate from New Zealand disobeyed his directive from his boss and withheld his vote.

After the victory, Schroeder used his political power to deny Bremen (a city with a strong soccer tradition) a chance to become a host city. Somehow, his hometown of Hannover was chosen as a host city.

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