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Why should he reply when you don't believe him when the takes the time to e-mail you and you still don't believe him?

If soros was going to erase your post don't you think he would have deleted it? Instead of leave it up and accesible via permalink?

I am sorry but you sent an e-mail to George Soros, he replied to your e-mail and your never going to be happy to matter his reply as your sarcastic quotes imply. Why should even engage in diascussion with you? Where is it going to get either of you? Oh I forgot making this little tussle into a conspiracy brings you traffic.

Get over yourself.

You won't get a reply, most likely. Why? Because what you say makes complete sense and it's hard to rebutt without looking kinda, well, stupid.

I don't know how many others have sent an email to Soros to point out the fact that your email/post was deleted. But I sent one. Perhaps he got so many letters that he, 1) thought to look into why it wasn't there and made an effort to fix the problem; 2) Saw so many people making a stink about it that he "found" it and put it back up.

However, giving him the benefit of the doubt (which is something we on the right like to do, unlike those on the left... re: DailyKos), I'm sure it was an error because of the permalink thing.

While YOU are very much in the right, as far as I can read here (and a bit there), still there is something to Robert's little critique above. Soros is a rich jet-setter trying to make the world better (in Slovakia, too), with limited time.

Let's say there were just two questions Soros was going to answer from your long list, which would they be?

I'd suggest: How many few Americans would have had to die for Operation Iraqi Freedom to be a success? (to include democratic elections in Jan. 2005)
[My own answer is 2500 or less, GREAT success, A; to 5000, big success, B; to 10 000, expensive success, C]

Since Soros claims How to protect the world against the likes of Saddam is the great unresolved problem of the present world order., how can he be sure the Bush Doctrine isn't the best?

[for me, it IS -- and I expect Bush to be re-elected, and take a firm stand against Iran getting nukes; and possibly do some heavy lifting in regime change in Sudan]

But it's a serious question, what do YOU think is most important to focus on with Soros?
And congrats for getting him to respond!

Not that this has anything to do with anything (although, it might), but I ran across this some time ago (when I was caught up for days in an ongoing political argument with someone who never did see the light) and thought it was amusing:

Charles' Rules of Argument

Maybe Soros knows about this...

Hey Robert,

You know, you are the only person who knew where the archived permalink to my email to Soros was on his website until he posted his "clarification". No one else could find it...how did you know where it was? I'd love to know.

As far as my post goes, it disappeared from the Soros site when this story started to get noticed. No other posts, including the ones before and after mine were removed. Those are simple facts, not part of some "conspiracy."

Yes, I do find the "technical error" explanation to be questionable at best. Honestly: I find it highly implausible. Why would such an "error" be so selective?

And Robert, I know why Mr. Soros and people like you won't answer me. It is because you have no answer to my arguments. If you did, I would be the first to publish them in full right here on this website as I have promised all along.

I won't hold my breath though...

---Ray D.

Ray, with this topic I finally felt a little pity for Soros for the first time. I think you can afford to be a little nice and accept the explanation.

I'm a technical guy (a Unix expert) and will say that I've seen a Unix server corrupt a single file a few times without impacting anything else. Actually it wasn't Unix, it was a flaw on the disk that Unix couldn't detect. It's rare but definately possible.

My advice is to show a little grace both here and with an email to Mr. Soros. He may be misguided but he's not the enemy. Neither are Kerry, Schroeder, Zapatero, Annan, or even Chirac. Not really. It can be easy to forget that during a hard-fought campaign, but it's true all the same.

Now if Mr. Soros will explain how he intends to REALLY raise his own taxes ay the same amount as he favor's raising the taxes of the nouveau riche bottom-scrapers making less than $300K a year I'd be fascinated.....

Hey Don,

Fair enough. I still think it is an awfully large coincidence. We have been doing this blog for over a year. I know how such a website works and nothing like this has ever happened on Medienkritik. It is awfully fishy that just my post disappeared at the time that it did. That is just how I feel about it.

Also, I never addressed any of the people you listed as "enemies." I can assure you that I don't see them that way. I would just like them to debate me on the issues. As you said, this is campaign season and it is time to get the arguments out on the table. That is exactly what it is about for me, I want to engage in a constructive and open debate on these vital problems that impact us all.

If Soros & Co. can't come up with a response to my arguments and want to play shell games with my emails or can't even respond to them because of "technical" problems than I think that is pretty sad. And don't feel too sorry for Mr. Soros, he is doing just fine for himself.

Ray D.


If the people at Soros' website know how to repost your email, they know how to erase it.

I suggest you leave the Soros thing alone for a couple of weeks. Try sending him another email on November 3, to see what kind of mood he's in.

When will be sending Michael Moore an email?

Ok, so he put it back up, but he hasn't responded to you, nor has he put up your response...

Let me see one of the hugely wealthy persons in this world has taken and interest in spending as much as it takes to defeat George Bush. He empowers organzations not exactly known for their honesty. He gives money to those willing to win at any cost even if it is to lie and cheat. In short he is willing to fund the actual not alleged theft of an election. Material that might not reflect on him so well is posted then disappears then reappears in part. It's then said it's a technical issue. I don't know anyone still running a non-journaling file system on Linux or UNIX and I don't know anyone not runing RAID on a high demand website (Sorros' blog qualifies) It was taken down and put back up. That is the most simple explanation. You don't have to go through all kinds of contortions to figure this out. Sorros' and his explanations are suspect.

I pray to God that Bush wins but I am not counting on a free or fair election with Sorros bankrolling a win at literally any cost. The DNC and MoveOndotOrg already have been publiclty shown trying to pull election fraud.


it's easy to find your post on Soros' website.

Go to google, press advanced search, search for "Ray D." within the domain georgesoros.com.
There it is your reply in the archives.

On Soros' agenda in frontpagemagazine.com this morning:

"Aside from desperately attempting to make John Kerry president, what other cause has George Soros bankrolled? One joint venture between the Tides Foundation, one of potential first lady Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s favorite charities, and Soros’s Open Society Institute is the Democratic Justice Fund, which FrontPage Magazine’s Ben Johnson has noted, “seeks to ease restrictions on Muslim immigration to the United States, particularly from countries designated by the State Department as ‘terrorist nations.’”
Long term, if Soros has his way, the United States won’t even remain territorially intact. He funds both the National Council of La Raza and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, two groups that want to essentially eliminate America’s borders. In a much hailed 1997 speech to the National Council of La Raza, former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo said that he “proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important – a very important – part of this.” As FrontPage Magazine reported earlier this year, OSI has likewise contributed $65,000 to the Malcolm X Grassroots movement, which wants to establish an all-black homeland in the Southeastern United States, from South Carolina to Louisiana. It would be communist, of course.
In September 2003 Soros was invited to speak at one of the State Department’s Open Forums, where he laid out his hyper-internationalist aspirations for American society, including his proposed “modification of the concept of sovereignty” which is needed because “sovereignty is basically somewhat anachronistic.”

Don I have to respectfully disagree with you about Soros not being the enemy. Mr. Soros is most certainly for the end of US sovereignty and for a new socialist world order controlled by 'enlightened elites' such as himself. I believe Mr. Soros is only an American citizen now because it benefits him both financially and philosophically (meaning he won't get thrown in the gulag for his beliefs or speech). From reading his materials and observing his behavior I rather doubt desire, love of freedom, or loyalty have anything whatsoever to with Soros being an American citizen.

I akin Mr. Soros' relationship with America with the way a cancer relates to the human body. Technically the cancer is created by, and is as such a natural part, of you. But trust me it is an enemy that very much intends to kill you if you let it. George Soros behaves much like a cancer, he uses the system's own protections and liberties to spread thourghout the republic and culture with the ultimate intention or destroying the Republic of the United States and replacing it with a worldwide socialist utopia run by him and his like minded cohorts, of course. The best way to stop cancer is detect it early, cut it out, and get it all because your life and the quality and liberty of your progeny's lives depend on it.

And this is no right-wing conspiracy theory nutjob stuff. Mr. Soros has a readily available record his "Open Society." Check it out.


I was just about to make similar observations about George Soros myself, let us review who the man is:

1) A Hungarian Jew who fled Hungary to London, England in 1946.
2) A student of philosophy who in a coffee house, realised that such study would not allow him to gain influence on the world. He choose to become a banker.
3) Realising that being a Jew would not easily allow him entry into London's gentrified old-boy profession, he moved to the USA to pursue his dreams.
4) As an extremely wealthy banker, he often plotted against country's currencies he felt to be overvalued and made enormous gains. Countries like The United Kingdom and Malaysia were once in his focus. In fact, his financial victory once gained him 1 billion dollars (in one day) with the sudden devaluation of Malaysian Ringgit
5) As an philanthropist since 1979, he began providing funds to help black students attend the University of Cape Town in apartheid South Africa, funding in Eastern Europe, Poland, etc. He also pledged an endowment of $250 million to the Central European University (CEU).

Now my point it not to condemn or condone his acute acumen in making money. The government of Malaysia, in my opinion, wrongly pursued a policy of ignoring their underlying financial problems and Soros was able to read into the tenuous financial situation correctly. Kudos for him for taking risk and making money, the American way. Also, I think that it was inappropriate for Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad for accusing Soros of bringing down the Ringgit.

My point is just what it is that he does with his money. As a man who realised that he would have never make it anywhere else in the world, due to religious persecution, he came to America and achieved his dreams. Why is it then that he does not egregiously endow American institutions? But chooses to help everywhere else in the world but America? Why not help to support the only society that enabled his achievements? Does Soros not have any connection to America?

It is not good enough, in my opinon, to say that he paid his taxes. The Quantum Fund, his privately-owned investment fund registered in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles has long been described by the OECD as a tax haven (a place where drug dealers keep their money). From this fund he does much of his currency speculation.

Unlike the immigrate Andrew Carnegie, who tried vigorously to give away his money before dying started American universities and American endowments; Soros has done nothing of the kind in his adopted country. Instead Soros has said that removing Bush from office is the "central focus of my life," and "a matter of life and death." His only known donation to an American organisation is 5 million to MoveOn.org, a liberal organisation designed to oust Bush.

So, why Mr. Soros, has your only activity in America been to criticise our country and President? Having lived here since 1956, becoming a US citizen and extremely wealthy, you appear to show no sympathy or affection for our country. Instead only contempt. The manner in which you have earned earth-shattering amounts of money ( tax free ), and the way in which you regard your adopted country, may leave you to be criticised as a parasite.

If you choose to read my comments Mr. Sorors, help us in understanding by giving a response.


Here's your response from Soros in The Australian this morning:


According to Soros, you should know that you are being misled. You need to "Wake up" to the truth that Soros knows, but you don't. Too bad, we are not as smart as Soros to see the truth.

Soros and Kerry:

I suspect that Soros is one of the major proponents of "transnational progressivism" - a new term which is floating around the blogosphere and which everyone probably needs to familiarize themselves with.

Dinesh D'Souza deconstructs Soros in National Review:


I explained why I knew before Ray ...

And when you say your's was the only post you are absolutely wrong ... posts 24, 23 and 22 all fell off the archive. Soros posts a lot more than you realize. And the archive pages only showed through post 25.

Honestly ... when was the last time you got TWO ANSWERS from a billionaire.

Settle down.

Hey Robert,

Yeah, Mr. Soros is obviously above having to answer to anyone because he is a billionaire. He is obviously so rich that he is above having to stoop down and talk to any of the rest of us lowly mortals if I follow your logic. And you Bush-haters accuse the President of arrogance...Rrrright....

And how is it that you know so much about Mr. Soros' blog Robert? You know, I've been running a blog for over a year along with David, and not one thing has disappeared from our site unless we intentionally erased it.

I understand your problem Robert. You and your pal Soros have no argument to match mine. So instead you are trying to distract us with cop-out explanations about "technical errors." Just respond to my arguments, that's all I ask.

Like I said before, I won't hold my breath because I know you don't really have any.

---Ray D.

Dear Sir, I'm am an inventor interested in seeking finanial backing for new concept in electrical power generation. I would to know if you would please give me a direct email address for Mr. Soros so I may state my request to him.
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I'd like to ask Mr.George Soros a question, but I don't know his emailaddress. Could You help me in this matter, please, so that it would be able for me to send my request directly to him?
I'm looking forward for Your answer, thank You in advance.

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