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You expect Mr Sorros to be honest? When he is trying to bankroll the theft of the US election?

From Soros' first blog posting:

Thursday, September 30, 2004
Welcome to my blog
I have started this website and this blog to hear from you. I am eager to engage in a critical discussion about this election because the stakes are so high, and I welcome your opinions here and on your own blogs. I am looking forward to responding to the many comments that I have already received in the days ahead. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.
posted by George Soros @ 09/30/2004 09:48:45 AM EST

It seems that "critical discussion" and "welcome your opinions" mean something different to Soros than to Merriam-Webster and the OED. Perhaps "the stakes are so high" that he has changed his mind?

Why should a Great Global Stateman (tm) like George Soros spend his valuable time debating with low-life pyjama-wearing scum like us?

He is much more valuable destroying the British currency and financing the outsourcing of US jobs to other places!

Your letters were excellent.

I want to get this to Mr. Soros. But, his site isn't accepting blogs currently. Well, if anyone wants to join the fight & can get this to him - thanks in advance! Here it is:

Dear Mr. Soros:

The election's outcome has saddened and concerned many Americans (and citizens throughout the world). Below is a HUGE request, but, I believe it's really the key to reclaiming America's future & future greatness.

The days of "fair and balanced" media are gone. The roots began to be uplifted approximately 30 years ago. You - and like-minded venture capitalists - hold the key. Take back the media to the day when it was society's true watchdog.

It's time to trump Murdoch and the FOX fiasco. And, you have the capital to do so. Heck, as Air America is beginning to prove, you might even make money!

So, Mr. Soros, please consider entering mass media - as a controlling partner. It's the only to jump-start a return to truly balanced journalism.

Please consider this VERY TALL request. As a former journalist, it really is the way to change the social climate.

Thanks for your time,

Steve Lopes


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