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bleaaaseee egskuuse uss,bitte bitte, lissen blease, we whill zent now tsome panzer to tze irak and to ouer pfriends in israel too.

the frensch will be wery sauer about tzis,but be gud again too uss.

ohh mein gott,we are allways pfriends, oder ????


I spent 3 and a half years in Germany with the Army. I can only imagine what he saw over 10 years! The problem is simple. In order to prevent Germany from becoming Communist during the cold war, we allowed them to become Socialist. I wouldn't necessarily call them lazy. My term is 'soft.' Kind of like an aging boxer who starts to spend more time in the kitchen than the gym!

One thing. I'm not sure what Peter's comments about the supposed laziness of some German employees on US bases has to do with the withdrawal of support by the Schroeder government. Presumably some Germans are lazy and some of them work on those bases. I don't think their views on the war are important.

What is important to me is that some members of the German government have threatened to disallow the use of the bases in Germany for any purpose which the German government disagrees with. Such as the Iraq war. Such is certainly the right of the government and the people of Germany.

Consequences flow from any choice, however. The wish or intent of people in the German government to exercise such control unilaterally potentially makes the German bases useless to the US at the very time they may be most-needed by the US. Why should the US taxpayer continue to pay for German bases which may be unusable in a crisis?!!!!

What a joyeous occasion this dispute is.
Glad that Peters can speak his mind, he does so for millions of americans that have the experience of working under a welfare soaked staff of bitchy and thoughtless priks.
The most important item in this dispute is the fact that the feelings of Peters, felt by so many, has been suppressed up untill now.
May the US continue to pull as far away from germany, from every possible perspective. The US is a far wiser nation as it begins to distance itself from all things german.

There are enough clues in Peters' comments to alert even the dimmest that we've reached the end of the alliance. The US should pull its military out now, reduce diplomatic exchanges and find other trading partners.

The American public should be educated about this. Then they can decide whether to buy goods and services from people who treat us like this. Then the day will come when Germans see something like this:

Memo to Germans: We don't trust you, we don't respect you and we don't like you. We've learned how over-priced and unreliable your cars are and we don't believe you have what we need to the point that we'll ignore everything you've done to us.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


The Americans

What's the point of this blog? Fighting against US- and Israel-bashing and left bias in the german media spectrum? Or celebrating Germany-bashing (not only in this thread)?

Most of the topics brought up recently doesn't have anything to do with 'politically Incorrect Observations on Reporting in the German Media'.

(and by the way: No, I am not going to start my own blog)

Note from David: Robert, that's too bad ... you should give starting your own blog some serious consideration. After all, we don't measure up to your high standards... As I've stated several times before we reserve the right to post topics of general interest, not just related to the German media. And, guess what? Our visitors seem to like it (excluding you and one or two others, of course).

Check this blog tomorrow, when we publish our stats for September.

Hey, was ist hier los? Ich lese diesen Blog gerne und oft, weil ich die Ansichten vieler Deutscher (in Bezug auf USA und Außenpolitik) nicht ausstehen kann. Und ich finde hier auch immer wieder viel lesenswertes.

Aber ich habe keinen Bock darauf, mich hier als faul, sozialistisch und egal was sonst noch beschimpfen zu lassen. Was treibt die Kommentatoren über mir zu solchen Ausfällen? Ich finde das hochgradig peinlich für jeden der Schreiber.

Vermutlich ist das eine Reaktion auf ebenso dämliche antiamerikanische Aussagen, die man dauernd in Deutschland hört. Soweit habe ich sogar Verständnis dafür.

Nur leider kann ich diesen Blog inzwischen nicht mehr meinen Freunden und Kollegen ans Herz legen, um mal etwas jenseits von Pitzke+co zu lesen, denn hier muß man inzwischen leider nur noch das antideutsche Äquivalent zu dumpf-dämlichen Antiamerikanismus in vielen deutschen Foren bewundern.

Ob hier überhaupt noch viele Deutsche lesen und schreiben? Ich bezweifle es.

Wieso wird Amihasser gelöscht, sowas aber nicht? Wenn es um "freedom of speach" ginge, dann müsste man ja auch Amihassers Müll stehen lassen, oder?

...Our visitors seem to like it (excluding you and one or two others, of course)...

hey David,

jetzt mal Hand aufs Herz:
gehst Du wirklich davon aus, dass 90% der Leser mit der Richtung Deiner Polemik übereinstimmen?

Oder anders ausgedrückt: wie viele Kommentare werden von Euch gelöscht, die nicht der Tendenz entsprechen?
Es sind bestimmt nicht obszöne oder beleidigende Kommentare die einfach von der Bildfläche verschwinden.

Ich frage mich, wer hier eigentlich die naive Seite ist

Notiz von David: Ich lösche vielleicht 3 - 4 Kommentare pro Monat, Tendenz abnehmend, wobei ich nicht die Kommentare eines Schwachsinnigen mitzähle, der 1 - 2 mal die Woche vorbeikommt, und dessen Kommentare ich ungelesen lösche.

why so sensitive. we all dish it out and we all have to take it. admittedly the former is always easier. you know know the whole idea is that there is an exchange - and people make up their own minds on the issues - There is one thing that I have always found helpful and that is in arguing and espousing one's view don't get personal - the minute you do you loose. The word Naive in Germany doesn't have the same meaning it has elsewhere. Here in Germany I am told I am naive - when my views are not those of my opponent. Where I come from you have a different opinion and you agree to disagree without labeling the other side. It's much less emotional and you can have a lot of fun discussing your views while you are at it.

Genau, warum Ihr seid so sensibel, R., Robert, Daniel? Seid mehr wie der Oberstleutnant Peters, rude and undiplomatic!

Off topic, but a must read:


Aznar on islamic terrorism. Read it.

If one guy could cause such a ruckus with an editorial, what would happen if half the US media was obsessively slamming Germany on a daily basis?

Every country has a right, indeed an obligation, to follow it's own best interests. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Germany no longer had any "interest" in relations with the US. He along with France decided that opposing US interests were their best route to ... (?). We're slowly coming to realize this, but we're quite surprised that Germany has not just decided to not join us, but to actively work against us. It's just as well. The economic center of gravity is already moving towards the Pacific and following behind will be the political center of gravity. The US is already following this trend, so the loss of a former (declining) ally will be no great loss in the long run. We may have stuck around longer because we're a very sentimental and loyal people, but you feel little of either to those who don't reciprocate.

Sorry, I disagree about boycotting German products (if I read that right, if not, forgive me). I love the chocolate, and I do have a German car and it pleaseth me greatly.

But I believe the story about German union workers who are employed by the U.S. military perhaps being lazy. I have encountered the same sort of thing here in the States with tenured Federal employees. Not all of them, to be sure, but in my experience (and in my mother's , who used to work civil service in her state) people in positions like that tend towards laziness and surliness. After all, it is difficult to fire them, no matter how incompetant, so why try?

i sense a strong hatred towards germans here.
critizising the biased german media is one thing, slamming all germans and calling for boycotts is even dumber than pitze & moore.
if german union workers are lazy, you will be surprised by polish or hungarian union workers, should the US relocate their bases into these countries.
germany and the us are still culturally very close (in 50 years the US will be hispanized and probably have closer ties to mexico).

Hello again!
I do not want anything changed in the stories presented by David and Ray this blog. Sometimes I disagree, but that's fine. Only some of the comment writers seem to have this blog as their *only* source of information about Germany, which is not healthy :-)

I'll still check in here from time to time, because anti-american media bias is a real issue in Germany and the rest of Europe, but the hatred spewed towards Germans by some of the posters here -- as opposed to the articles by Ray/David (but Ray, ask yourself what you had to give up to obtain the hit volume) -- is pathetic.

Get real guys, military and waste go hand in hand. If you take a close look at all the suckerfish in the US who exploit the military you will see that this is a universal, not a German symptom. Ever read Catch 22? I've met enough American life insurance salesmen over here who exploit our soldiers mercilessly in their weakest moments to know that it is not just the Germans who soak our military. One of the salesmen in particular sticks in my memory, because he called his clients dumb. US government contracts was a huge business here, not just for the Germans. Until recently it supported a large expat community. Outsourcing is supposed to be more efficient. Is it or isn't it?

The reality is that Germany, the rest of the EU and the US are cooperating as never before in the war on terror.


And the economic ties through trade and investment also continue to grow.

Those who wish for the end of German-American relations don't have a clue. Frankly, I think it is good that the Germans have now "liberated" themselves from us. They no longer have the excuse that, somehow, they are not 100% responsible for their actions on the world stage and cannot claim they are acting merely out of deference to the US. Let's see what they can do other than opposing and blocking America. Reaction, protest and Männerfreundschaft do not form a viable basis for diplomacy. And a permanent seat at the UN also will not add substance to an otherwise vacuous foreign policy.

I agree, it's a bit hard to blame Germans or anyone for taking advantage of the US military for wasting money or whatever. Leave it open for exploitation and of course people are going to do it. It sucks, but in the grand scheme of things it's just an annoyance compared to more serious things, like the ridiculous number of US service people still deployed in Germany:


60 years running, still wasting money pointlessly stationing so many troops. The next reduction in forces in Germany will take a number of years and I believe after there will still be a idiotic number of US forces STILL in Germany. Obviously we're gluttens for punishment.

"i sense a strong hatred towards germans here."

Yeah, a few lashed out, must be strong hatred...

@ Niko
Thanks, really a good read. How can we get some German politicians to understand this?

>>Keep in mind that the show was meant to file the ranks with German books, and that the jury was assembled from German culture experts

no the show was meant to pick the favourite books of the germans - any book by any author - are you sure you know how to read ? try it -> http://www.zdf.de/ZDFde/inhalt/11/0,1872,2130667,00.html

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